“Working whilst at university, gave me excellent insight into the real world, allowing me to apply what I had learnt to real life scenarios. This provided me with a platform to do just that, and kickstarted my career in Software Engineering. A pleasure to work with.”

Ollie Gardner
Associate Software Engineer
Financial Force

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Bridge the experience gap

Employers expect academic theory as a given. What really counts, is practical and provable ability to get things done. Acquire meaningful work experience connecting your studies to solving problems that make a real-world impact.

Project supervision

We've supervised more than 30 projects and 60 software engineering students. We know what delivering value looks like for startups, researchers, not-for-profits, social enterprises, public and commercial organisations. You'll be empowered to build software you're proud of, taking what you've already learned, enhanced with our experience of industry standard practices, helping you achieve your potential at speed. Guiding and working with you all the way through project requirements, execution and customer expectations, you can focus on writing code and doing your best work.

100% remote friendly

The world of work has changed, and remote work is here to stay. No more commutes, or office interruptions, working on your time where and when suits you best. Software engineering is ideally suited here, with collaborative platforms to organise work, video calls for meetings, instant messaging and email for communications, enjoying the cosy and productive feel of home, or a cafe, or the library. You choose. And we're finding project after project software engineers love the freedom and control they feel. It's the best way to get work done.

Use the best tools and technologies

Get hands-on experience with cutting edge and time-tested technologies that are both open-source and commercial.

Practice agile methods

We practice and continually evolve agile methodologies that make customer satisfaction our primary priority, allowing teams to deliver with speed and efficiency.









Extreme Programming

Get really good at devops

We commit and push code often, to allow for continuous integration and continuous delivery to staging and production environments, allowing changes to make their way to testing and release faster.

Customer interactions

Meeting customers early and often, to demo work-in-progress, gathering feedback and prioritising sprint tasks is how we stay on track. You'll get regular face-to-face interaction with all stakeholders helping you massively build your soft skills.

Teamwork works

We truly believe in software engineering as a team sport. Learn to work effectively in teams, playing to your strengths, learning from and supporting others to 10X your collective performance.

Continuous improvement

You'll be encouraged to push your technical and social comfort zones in a safe environment, allowing you to level up and grow as a professional. We're obsessed with continually improving, and you'll learn to become a better software engineer in the process, upgrading your hard and soft skills. Both valuable assets that prepare you for increased reward in the workplace. We'll mentor and share advice on setting up systems to help you be punctual, dependable, and able to handle real responsibility.

Employability boost

All in all you'll be a different software engineer coming out of a loopsio project, or a few, depending on your performance. More material for your CV, a growing portfolio to demonstrate, better interview aptitude, and real experiences to share with employers, showing you have practical experience. With a better understanding of the software development lifecycle, and improved abilities to work together with others, you'll have a deeper understanding on how to deliver value to all stakeholders.

Flexible around your studies

We understand you're still engaged in your studies, which is why we organise work to be flexible to your academic commitments. Meeting times will be arranged around your lectures and assessment deadlines. Sprint tasks are collectively agreed, and then worked on when suitable to you and the team.

Get paid £13-15 per hour

You'll start off at £13 per hour, increasing to £14, then £15 as your performance improves and you take on more responsibility. For a project where you're working 10 hours per week for example, for 10 weeks, you'll be taking home at least £1300. Again, depending on performance, you can work on multiple projects, one after another, or spaced apart. You choose.

Enjoy yourself and grow

We work hard, learn, explore, experiment, execute and deliver work we’re proud of. That's where we find fulfilment, pushing our potential, even while it's sometimes a messy road getting there. We lean forwards, engage with others to produce value that's greater than the sum of our parts. We drive innovation and solutions to achieve project objectives and make customers happy. We enjoy ourselves and the interactions we gain through project work, that help us grow, and ultimately become better software engineers.

Let's go

Stand out from the crowd

And get the experience that makes a difference.

“We're on a mission to accelerate Scotland's digital transformation.”

— Omar Tufayl, founder, loopsio

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