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world-class universities.

We're independent, allowing us to select and mentor top students from across Scotland's rigorous Software Engineering, Computing Science and Digital Design degree programs.

35 software engineering students currently available to work
On loopsio's founder:Fantastic to work alongside, and bringing a real customer centric focus, Omar puts customer needs and priorities at the heart of a project. Together with this, his ability to lead and enthuse software teams is critical to his success. Working to develop individuals and bring out their best as part of a whole-team ethos, delivering great work time and again.”

Dr Tim Storer
Senior Lecturer, Software Engineering
The University of Glasgow

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Taking your projects from initial idea, through technical and strategic execution, to delivery. We manage the day to day processes, supervising students to produce their best work.


Advance your technical skills and understanding of key software platforms, applications and practices in custom designed training and workshops for individuals and teams.


Get advice on how software can enhance your daily work and business operations. We research, audit and propose technical strategy, design, and implementation of solutions.


Providing maintenance and technical support for existing software applications, ensuring their security, stability, scalability, and optimisation for high performance.


Hire the best software engineering students in Scotland. We help you identify and recruit for talent and performance, getting the right fit for your organisation.


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Simplicity and transparency

How loopsio works

Working in partnership to deliver real end value.


A friendly chat to discuss your idea

With a video call to learn more about your idea, discussing where there are opportunities to add value.


Matching your project needs with student skills

Making sure your project requirements are aligned with students technical and social skills.


Supervision on project hard and soft aspects

We support students to make sure they are achieving immediate and overall project targets.


Weekly video meetings to demo progress

We communicate early and often with you, demoing progress, and making sure we're on the right track.


Direct contact with development team

You'll have real-time communications with the development team, via video calls, email and instant messaging.


Simple pricing, just pay as you go

There's no lock-in, and you're free to pause or end a project when you need, owning any work as yours.

Software, is everywhere

Powering the small and large, emojis to economies, communities and societies and businesses and organisations, entertainment to empowerment, software is at the heart of everything today.

Getting from idea to launch

In building software, instead of outsourcing, where time and context differences can impede development processes, or handing your project to an agency, that may not suit your current needs, or relying on unavailable in-house capability, there's another way...

A new approach to building software

Existing approaches to building software may or may not fit what you need right now. A complementary option is to leverage the massive source of talent in Scotland's universities, where thousands of students are studying software engineering, computing science and digital design in world-class degree programs.

Leveraging Scotland's up and coming software engineering talent

With students taking a range of courses as part of their degrees, by their third year, they are already capable with experienced supervision, of delivering impressive solutions to ambitious software requirements.


Web Applications

Mobile Development


UI/UX Design

Interactive Systems

Cyber Security


Artificial Intelligence

Operating Systems


Data Science

Supervision built-in

Supporting talent
Guided & directed
Enabling best work

Supporting raw talent and guiding student software engineers towards their collective potential, directed in a singular, focused and shared vision with customers, is how we supervise projects. Facilitating both customers and students through often complex development processes, we create actionable requirements, advising and executing on strategy, enabling everyone to deliver their best work.

Building in partnership with you


We build transparently and in tight feedback loops with customers, communicating often and early. Involving you closely with the design and development process, allows us to regularly demo progress, receive feedback and prioritise work with you.

Solving problems, seizing opportunities

We've helped startups take prototypes to investors and initial market, social enterprises shape their digital offerings to better cater to their demographics, small businesses streamline and automate their processes, assisted researchers with key software to support their projects, trained groups of beginners to program, conducted research, consulted, enabled large organisations to better understand their data streams. And more. If it involves software, we can usually help.

Industry standards as standard


Using both innovative and time-tested technologies that are open-source and commercial, we leverage established programming languages, frameworks and platforms, adhering to industry standards for quality, reliability and security across development, testing, evaluation and maintenance.

Practicing best practices

The software development process can be notoriously difficult. We bring order to chaos using agile methodologies to reduce uncertainty, empowering software engineers and customers to adapt and respond with speed to project dynamics.

100% remote friendly

Who misses the daily commute? We thought not. Software engineering is ideally suited to remote work, with video calls, instant messaging, the cosy feel of home, or a cafe, or the library, it's just far too right to say no. And we're finding it's the best way to get work done.

Simple pricing

Pay as you go
Scale up or down
Zero risk

Let's keep things simple. Pay as you go and get the flexibility and freedom to scale resources up or down as your requirements change. You're free to pause or end a project when you need, and own any work as yours. All this gives you the ability to quickly innovate, iterate and execute with zero risk.

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Social good is its own reward

There's a social good side to working with software engineering students. You're investing in the future potential of tomorrow's workforce and emboldening the vision for Scotland's digital future. This makes us feel good, and we hope it does you too.

Execution driven

We've managed more than 30 projects and 60 software engineering students. We know what delivering value looks like for startups, researchers, not-for-profits, social enterprises, public and commercial organisations. We're passionate about software and making an impact.

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“We're on a mission to accelerate Scotland's digital transformation.”

— Omar Tufayl, founder, loopsio

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